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In effect since Jul-01 2011
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What’s New for Greater Boston Green

We’re proud to announce an enhancement to the GBG website. Based on popular demand, our new widget helps eliminate any confusion when verifying your municipality for Stretch Energy Code status.

  1. Visit www.greaterbostongreen.com
  2. Select “change” to input City/Zip.
  3. Click “Check!”
  4. Voila, Stretch Code Status will appear under your City selection.
Stretch Code Feature For Greater Boston Green Clients And Raters

About 780 CMR, Appendix 115.AA aka “The Stretch Energy Code”

The Stretch Energy Code is an appendix to the 8th Edition, Massachusetts State Building Code that creates a higher tier of Energy Conservation. It is available to municipalities that choose to adopt it should they seek building energy conservation provisions more progressive than the baseline energy conservation requirements of the Massachusetts State Building Code.

About Greater Boston Green

Greater Boston Green specializes in energy analysis, diagnostics and verification services. GBG is an ENERGY STAR partner collaborating with architects, builders and homeowners to achieve all of your energy efficiency goals.

Weather attempting to comply with the Stretch Code, exceed ENERGY STAR goals or ensure 2009/2012 IECC compliance, GBG is committed to a partnering approach when it comes to our participation on any project. When it comes to the work at hand, we are extremely structured with emphasis on customer experience and most up to date knowledge of current energy codes and building science technologies.